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Why is the T206 Honus Wagner card so sought after??

First off, the T206 set is by far the most popular baseball card set of all time.  If you want a complete set, you need the Honus Wagner card. There are roughly 50-65 authentic T206 Honus Wagner cards known.  The card was withdrawn early in production most likely for 2 reasons, first because Mr. Wagner wasn't paid, and possibly because he didn't want to promote youth smoking.

In 1909 The ATC (American Tobacco Company) began using sportswriters as a middle men to seek permission from ballplayers to use their image on full color pictures to be included in packs of cigarettes.  An article in the October 12, 1912 issue of THE SPORTING NEWS recounts the story of a Pittsburgh sportswriter who tried to get permission from Wagner, only to be rejected by Honus as the article states, who "did not care to have his picture in a package of cigarettes."

34 different cards..... with a combined est. value of roughly $30,000,000.00 



*Row 1, 1st card has a Piedmont back and is known to be trimmed down from an oversized handcut card several years ago, now PSA-8, sold last for $2,800,000 in mid 2007

*Row 1, 2nd card (B&W) has a Piedmont back and is from an advertisement for sale in a May 1977 issue of The Trader Speaks.

*Row 1, 4th card known as the 'jumbo Wagner' sold for $2,100,000 on 4/6/2013

*Row 3, 2nd card is restored. (before restoration) It was trimmed to the image on top and sides with a chip on top in orange background, back was glued into an album heavily damaged with 80% missing.

*Row 4, 4th card has a Piedmont back.

*Row 6, 1st card was previously restored but has now had much of it reversed. Previous restoration was mainly recoloring especially around ear, bottom right corner, and creasing.

*Row 7, 3rd card has 3 of its white borders trimmed off, and the back is heavily damaged. Previously auctioned by Nuns who inherited it.

*Last card is part of an uncut Proof strip of 5 cards.


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